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COVID-strong and Truckin' on

We got masks. We got gloves (we'd have 'em anyway!). We got hand sanitizer. We even got social distancing! Well, sorta. It takes all of us to run the stand so we can get your fantastic fabulous food to you as quickly as possible. But we promise we wont get in your bubble!

Running a start-up business is hard. Running a customer-facing food based started-up business is hard too.

Running in the middle of this pandemic? You're joking! But we're here, because it's important to us. We want to be able to do what we love, we want to share our wonderful love-filled food with as many people as possible.

This COVID thing is hitting all of us pretty hard. We miss our favorite restaurants, we miss getting to spend time with our friends, and we miss being able to shake a new regular's hand and thank them for the love. But we'll make you a deal. We'll be here, wherever here is (hey! maybe it's a here near you!), serving our best food packed with warm fuzzy feelings, and you remember your mask. We'll get that food to you hot and fast with a smile under our masks, and you wear your gloves. And everyone do their best to respect the bubble. Pretend the guy who just ordered a cheese steak turned to you and said he likes to put pineapple on pizza. Just back away slowly.


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